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November 2022

Private sale vs. auction.

Private Sale vs. Auction: What’s the Better Way to Sell Your Property?

Selling your property, whether it’s a lot of undeveloped land, or it’s a farm that’s been in the family for generations, is a massive step in life. Obviously, you want to get as much out of the land sale as possible to make your life easier going forward.  How do you do that, though?  Well, you have two main options. You can conduct a private sale, the type of sale you'd typically expect...

How do farmland auctions work?

How Do Farmland Auctions Work: Essentials You Need to Know

A farmland auction is a perfect way to pick up farmland at a good price. The starting prices are often lower than the actual property value, and with some luck, you can walk away having saved thousands. You also get to see the competition right there in front of you, and once you win, you get the property in 30 days and there aren't any oddball waiting processes before closing.  However, they're a...

How do real estate and land auctions work?

How do Real Estate and Land Auctions Work?

Purchasing properties the traditional way can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for a price that is suitable for a profitable flip instead of actually using the property for decades.  Luckily, there are real estate and land auctions that make accessing flip-worthy properties far more manageable.  If you've ever been to an auction or seen one in action, these work very similarly. Except,...

If you don’t know whether you should put your land on sale, first learn more about whether land auctions are a good deal.

Are Land Auctions a Good Deal? (Pros and Cons)

Purchasing land is a hefty investment. So, a lot of investors, or even would-be landowners, try their luck at land auctions. Land auctions are big auctions typically used to sell off substantial plots of land. These can be old farms, undeveloped land, etc.  Are these auctions worth it, though?  Well, they can be your ticket to getting a lot of land cheaply, or they can end up netting you a money...

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