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how to win a land auction

Land Auction Strategy: 5 Tips to Win a Land Auction

Land auctions are the best way to secure high-quality land whether you’re looking to develop it, farm it, turn it into a homestead, or just use it for recreational purposes. They allow you to get top-quality land at a deal if you bid properly, and in today’s market, that is absolutely crucial.  However, because land auctions are so beneficial for a number of buyers, they’re also extremely...

how to prepare for property auction

Prepare for a Property Auction: Top Things You Need to Know

Property auctions are some of the best ways to sell a property that is otherwise producing problems on the normal market or to acquire investment properties, new homes, and land properties at more reasonable prices than you would once a realtor gets involved.  However, due to the unique nature of property auctions, they have unique processes and traits that you need to be aware of from both sides of...

people discussing important questions to ask before you buy land

10 Essential Questions You Need to Ask Before You Buy Land

Buying land is a great move whether you're looking to develop it and profit from it or use it for personal use. It's an asset that doesn't lose value and depending on your purchasing decisions and what you do with it, it can prove to be more valuable than most of your investment portfolio.  However, there are also a lot of risks in buying land.  Here are 10 questions you need to ask before you buy...

Is Auction House Flipping Profitable? (2023 Ultimate Guide)

For a long time, property purchases and “flipping” have been considered excellent ways for ordinary people to elevate their income and increase the quality of their financial state. However, in recent years, you might have heard people cautioning against it due to economic fluctuations and other societal issues.  So, is flipping auction homes profitable, or should you find another way to escape the...

property auction flipping business

Turn Your Property Auction Flipping Hobby into a Full-Time Business: 4 Proven Tips

For many, flipping properties bought at auction is a reliable source of side income. It can be done mostly passively in your free time, and the hands-on work can easily be delegated to weekends or time you have off from your normal job. This is a great way to build wealth the safe way. However, it's becoming a lot more common for casual flippers to want to take their hobby to the next level; they want to...

a sign for the local property auctions and keys

How to Find Local Property Auctions? 5 Pro Tips

Local property auctions are one of the best ways to find an affordable home, add to a real estate investment portfolio that you’ll flip for later, or open up new rental properties that can earn you income. However, they can be somewhat challenging to find if you don’t know what to look for.  Today, we want to talk about how you can not only find local property auctions near you but also how you can...

finding a home at auction to flip

Finding a Home at Auction to Flip: 5 Ultimate Tips

Flipping homes is one of the few gateways to generating wealth reliably that the vast majority of people can do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lower middle-class individual working a 9 to 5 job or if you’re a wealthy older individual looking to build a comfortable retirement fund. Anyone with the right mindset and a good work ethic can pull it off. But first, you need to find an auction home to flip....

costs of flipping a house

What Are the Costs of Flipping a House [4 Most Important Costs You Need to Consider]

A lot of people who get into property investments go into it thinking they’ll buy a low-cost, high-potential property, fix it up, and make a ton of money with minimal out-of-pocket costs. That’s a great plan on paper, but many of those people end up watching their capital get eaten up by hidden costs, projects they didn’t anticipate, and even the costs of selling. If you are interested in flipping...

Land for sale without restrictions

How to Find Unrestricted Land for Sale [Quick 2023 Guide]

So you've heard there is land for sale without restrictions but don't know how to find it? If you want to learn more about this topic, keep reading this quick guide we made for you! One big problem in the real-estate world is dealing with HOAs. Sure, they’re made on the premise of protecting property value and creating enjoyable neighborhoods for everyone living within them, but at the end of the day,...

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