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Arkansas Homes for Sale –The Best Deals: Auction Flippers

arkansas homes for sale

Arkansas houses for sale are a great investment. The cost of living in Arkansas is lower than the national average, and the state has no personal income tax. This makes Arkansas an attractive place to live for retirees and families alike.

Arkansas’ temperate climate is another plus. The state experiences all four seasons, but they’re milder than in most other parts of the country. And with more than 200 days of sunshine each year, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, hunting hiking, and golfing.

The most residential units in Arkansas were sold in Benton County, Pulaski County and Washington County. Highest values were noticed in Benton, Pulaski, Washington, Saline and Gerald counties.

The best place to buy a real estate in Arkansas is debatable. However, we noticed the 3 cities that are known for the greatest popularity:

  • Fayetteville
  • Little Rock
  • Springdale

Average time for a judicial and non-judicial foreclosure procedure in Arkansas is 4-5 months with 12 months redemption period. The sales taxes are 6.5% with average closing cost $2,420. Median price for rent is around $850.

Auction Flippers Offers Cheap Homes for Sale in Arkansas in Counties Like:

  • Crawford
  • Chicot
  • Dallas
  • Lafayette
  • Nevada
  • Fulton
  • Miller
  • Phillips
  • Jefferson
  • Monroe

Arkansas Real Estate Home Market

Median home value in Arkansas is approximately $151,000 with over 1.1 million homes and apartments. Most of them are withing the price range $120k to $250k. Annual properties appreciation rate in Arkansas raised 96% since the year 2000, and in the last 12 months totals 15% and only in the second to third quarter total appreciation raised over 5%.

Average homeowners market rent speculates around $850, where almost 70% are single family homes that 50% of them are 3 bedrooms built between 1970-1999.

There are also plenty of cultural and recreational opportunities available in Arkansas. The state has excellent museums and art galleries, as well as a vibrant music scene that features everything from country to blues to rock ‘n’ roll. And with its many lakes and rivers, Arkansas is a great place for water sports enthusiasts too!

Arkansas homes for sale come in all shapes and sizes! You can find a cozy cabin up in the mountains, a spacious ranch down on the farm, or even a luxury waterfront property. No matter what your style is, there’s sure to be an Arkansas home for sale that’s perfect for you.

So, if you’re thinking about moving to Arkansas, now is definitely the time to do it! The market is booming and there are plenty of great properties for sale available. So, get on Auction Flippers to find Arkansas homes for sale and start browsing – who knows, you might just find your dream home waiting for you.

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