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Buying a Foreclosure in Illinois

Buying a Foreclosure in Illinois

Buying a house can be difficult because of various problems such as the cost of the property and the monthly loan amount that might arise during the search for your home.
Also, buying a home in a good locality is a matter of concern due to its outrageous prices that may burn a hole in your pocket. However, all of these concerns can get easily resolved if you are buying a foreclosed home in Illinois.

Phases of Foreclosures:

There are four main phases of foreclosure, each having some benefits and drawbacks. 

  1. Pre-foreclosure: The landlord still owns the property.
  1. Auction sales: Buyers offer to lenders.
  1. Real estate-owned (REO): The property belongs to the lender.
  1. Government-owned: This is usually a slower process with a higher number of documents.


Here, a buyer can purchase directly from the current householder, but in most cases, the lender accepts less than the current mortgage loan balance. Consequently, purchasers often buy a property at a cost lower than the market value of their home.

Auction sales

Usual real-estate auctions are carried out with an objective third party such as a sheriff or trustee. One of the main disadvantages of an auction is that the buyer buys a home in its current condition and does not often see its interiors.
Also, when you buy a home at a house auction in Illinois, it is important to remember the ‘right to redeem’ law. According to the present law, the person pays due amounts and charges if the property is retrieved within a certain period.


This is the most popular phase to buy a foreclosure as it is typically the safest and easiest way. And these are lender-owned properties.
This type of property often offers the least value together with the highest competition level. In an attempt to benefit from it, lenders can also put properties for sale at any price.


Government-owned properties often require a variety of bureaucracy, with a slower overall process. This is because the government usually does not have any motivation to proceed while waiting for a buyer who offers to pay a reasonable value for the property.

How to purchase a home at the Illinois Real Estate Auction?

Most people are probably little aware of the process of buying a home, even if they don’t understand all of it. You get in contact with the number provided beside the sale sign on the property. You get to see the house, decide whether it’s right for you, and inform the agent, who prepares an offer and takes you to further steps.
There are also other ways of buying homes, and auctions are such a way of selling homes, particularly the foreclosed ones. The loans and the tax authorities seize those properties because the mortgage borrowers have either failed to pay their mortgage payment or to pay property tax. The creditor sells the properties at Illinois Real Estate Auctions for lower than their prevailing market rates.

Steps for buying a foreclosed house in Illinois: 

Following are the steps to buy a foreclosed home in Illinois:

  • Correct planning is very important when going to buy foreclosed homes in Illinois. Although a better deal could be achieved with the purchase of an embraced home, properties excluded are not cost-free. Therefore, adequate budgeting must be carried out using accurate estimates to determine the amount you can pay in monthly installments.
  • You should hire an experienced real estate agent to buy a foreclosure home who has access to the local multi-list service and knows the area.
  • The most important step when buying a house at home auctions is to obtain mortgage approval. During your pre-approval process, the creditor will review your credit report and authenticate your revenue and debt for free. This lender then calculates how much mortgage your credit report is eligible for. 
  • You will need to contact the auctioneer in charge to ask all questions you have about the house before the bidding process when you are looking for a foreclosure property to be auctioned.

You can then bid on a lower offer at a foreclosed building, as the foreclosed properties are generally marketed for a lesser value than conventional houses.
Some might feel the idea of buying a foreclosure house is far-fetched, but the way a regular house is owned is no different. Buying a foreclosure home in Illinois can be a cheap way of getting a house, but people should understand the working of this process before fully committing to it and may require some research.
Buying a cheap home in Illinois tends to be an outstanding investment opportunity on the market. You should therefore give it a great deal of importance. It could turn out to be hectic for you if you neglect it at any point.
Opting to buy a foreclosed home in Illinois or any other real estate property at a good location and cost-effective prices, choose Auction Flippers without any doubt. Auction Flippers is a leading company in the real estate sector and deals in commercial and residential property that makes your dream of owning a house a reality.

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