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Buy & Sell Homes Directly Online in
No Reserve Auctions with Auction Flippers, LLC


We have been in the real estate since 2009 buying and selling properties all over USA, we mainly focus on tax sales to get properties at a discount price to offer at great prices. Here with ABW we are Family and we treat our clients the same.

Unity is the only solution in time of crisis, our principals are honor, sacrifice and above all solidarity, if we throw away solidarity we throw away our strengths.
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1. Choose your property

From auction to sale, we make it happen. We take pride in helping people realize their real estate needs.

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2. Sign Agreement

A land purchasing agreement for your review. Sign and return.

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3. Close on Property

We’ll begin the closing process either in-house or through a third party like a title company to complete the land sale.


Our Top priority is to bring the seller and buyer together and make their interaction trustworthy and beautiful. In other words, we bring the opportunity where no barriers are there to stop you from making the right decisions as a buyer or seller.

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No Reserve Auctions: We allow bidders to place a bid of as low as $1.00 in no reserved auctions. What are ‘No Reserve Auctions’? It’s a kind of auction where properties are sold to the auction winner regardless of its amount,” said Auction Flippers, LLC General Manager D. Owens.

Various Properties: Auction Flippers inventory spans across the country with residential/commercial/farm lands & buildings. Search by a state and other filter to view available listings.

Easy and Transparent Process: With no banks involved and no credit checks, the process to fund or finance the investment is extremely simple. A client can browse and purchase with only 20% down. In addition to the various payment plans and financing options, a winning bidder can pay the balance within 90 days with no interest.

Great Customer Service: The employees working for us always make sure to provide all the necessities to a buyer or seller who comes to Auction Flippers. With that said, we aim to improve our services with time so that our future results would be more innovative and helpful as compared to the past.

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