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How to Buy Cheap Land in Mississippi and Why it’s Different from Buying Homes

Want to invest in the land but are afraid of high prices? Do not worry. Buy cheap land in Mississippi. Owning land may seem like a big step and a huge investment. The land is a finite source, and there is not much empty land available on Earth. The land is needed for every investment opportunity (real estate, commercial, agricultural, recreational, living). There is a rapid growth of buildings and factories, and people want to invest in empty, vacant land. There are many Mississippi cheap lands for sale.

Reasons why Mississippi cheap lands are a good investment

Mississippi is a southern state in the United States of America. The state is named after the Mississippi River, the largest river in the USA. In addition to Mississippi, many other rivers flow through the Mississippi state- Pearl, Pascagoula, Big Black, Tombigbee, and Yazoo. Many important lakes also flow through the state- Sardis (the largest in the state), Ross Barnett Reservoir, Grenada, and Arkabutla.
All these water bodies have rendered the state’s soil highly fertile and rich in the deposit of alluvial soil, mainly deposited by the Mississippi River. The state was once renowned worldwide for its cotton harvest; now, it majorly produces rice, cotton, soybeans, and corn. Mississippi is the country’s largest catfish producer.
The state has two regions: the Delta and the Gulf Coastal Plain. The northwest of the state is the Delta. The Delta is devoted to agriculture and starts from the Mississippi River and continues east till the state order. Its half-million acres still produces cotton, the second largest in the USA. Around 63% of the land of the state is forested.
The Gulf Coastal Plain is known for low hills (Pine Hills and North Central Hills), bays (Pascagoula, Bay St. Louis, and Biloxi), maritime forest (Holly Springs National Forest), and sandy beaches (Gulf Islands National Seashore). These two regions offer you different lands, and you can decide what kind of land suits your needs.
In the U.S. News and World Report, Mississippi ranks among the USA’s top ten states because of its cost of living. The average cost of living of a state is measured by keeping 100 as the base score. Average below 100 indicates a cheaper cost of living, while an average above 100 means a higher cost of living. The cost of living of Mississippi is calculated as 81.1. The Mississippi cheap homes bring down the cost of living.
Mississippi has 82 counties. Mississippi real estate auctions feature cheap lands from Panola County, Jasper County, and Pike County.

Why is buying cheap land a better option than buying a house?

Buying land and property might cost an equal or similar amount of money. However, there are differences concerning the benefits one can receive when buying either.
Buying a built home gives you limited control over the property. You have a structured layout of the house that you might change a little, but not much. The rigidity of the wiring and the piping makes your hands tied, giving you less control over the layout of the house.
However, when you buy an empty land, you have greater control over the structure of the building as you are responsible for the construction and the layout of the building or house. You can decide the number of rooms or floors you want, the interior design and the placement of wiring, etc.
With a pre-built home, you have already installed piping, heating, and wiring systems, whose age you are not aware of personally and have to believe whatever your real estate agent or the property owner tells you. You do not have much flexibility to update to newer, better technology and products.
But with constructing your building, you have the flexibility to choose the best, advanced and latest technology and products. You have the liberty to personally select the technology or product you want to purchase and from where you want to purchase after careful inspection.

Less chance of risks

A built home cannot guarantee you a risk-free home. It is a possibility that the house you are buying might already have a problem at the time of purchase that you have to get repaired, meaning that there are high chances of the same problem occurring again or a new issue emerging.
A new building has new products, systems, and technology in place. And, thus, you can be assured that the chances of any problem or issue popping up any time soon are very bleak.


When buying a new home in Mississippi, you might purchase it as a Mississippi owner financing homes or through a loan, where you need to clear up the debt as soon as possible. The house will not yield you any additional income by just being there.
However, you can use the empty land that you have bought for various investment purposes and earn money off the land. It might provide you with better chances of clearing the loan that may have accrued to buy the land early.
Thus, buying land is better than investing in a property. The land market has less competition when compared to property auctions, and you stand a better chance to own land. Also, the value of land will most likely increase in the future, yielding you greater profits than a pre-built house, whose value depreciates as the house gets old.


At first, owning land may appear to be a pipe dream. But what you may not understand is how simple it is to turn your goal of property ownership into a reality. Property is generally too expensive to buy outright, and most financial institutions would probably scoff at the concept of financing unimproved land.
However, if you seek in the correct places, you may find an affordable property that can be discovered, reasonably financed, and converted into a terrific investment for you. Mississippi is a suitable location for buying land because of its monetary value. This article discusses all the necessary points to be kept in mind when buying land in Mississippi.

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