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Land for Sale in Elmira, Michigan, MI

Land for Sale in Elmira, Michigan


Land for sale in Elmira, Michigan can be found in rural areas, where prices are often lower than in more developed parts of the state. However, there may be less amenities and services available in these areas. If you’re looking for farmland specifically, make sure that the soil is fertile and that there is ample water supply nearby.

Michigan is a great state surrounded by Great Lakes. There are plenty of places that are great for fishing, hunting, ATV, tourists, or just investment and flipping land and houses. In Michigan you can find many rivers, waterfalls, forests, islands, wildlife refuge, dunes and the climate is changing towards colder while you drive more north. It is worth looking at places like:

The Pointe Muilee State Game Area, that is one of the 221 designated places with 7,483 acres of hunting, recreation areas, and wildlife. Another place is The Tahquamenon Falls in the Upper Peninsula which flows into the Lake Superior.

The state has over 11,000 of inland lakes, Mountains, like The Porcupine Mountains, glacier morains and national forests.

What to Consider When Buying a Land in Elmira, Michigan, MI

When considering buying a land for sale in Elmira Michigan, always take into account the cost of building permits and connecting to utilities such as electricity and water. The closer the property is to a city or town, the higher these costs will likely be. Also keep in mind zoning regulations – some types of development may not be allowed on certain parcels of cheap land.

Where Can I Find a Land for Sale in Elmira, MI, USA? offers over 27 listings for sale in the state of Michigan – Elmira locations. There is plenty of listings that are 0.5 acres and more, for around $4000 in Elmira, MI by the following streets:

  • Pinehurst Drive
  • Crestview Circle
  • Dellwood Dr
  • Forestgrove Drive
  • Sprucedale Circle
  • Maplewood Circle
  • Wyndhurst Cirt
  • Timberlane Drive
  • Dellwood Drive
  • Thornton Drive
  • Elkhart Drive
  • Brookfield Drive
  • Wrenwood Drive
  • Hollyglen Drive
  • Synnyvale Drive
  • Clarmont Drive
  • Renwick Circle
  • Harwood Circle

buy land in Elmira, MI

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