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Reasons to Buy Acreage or Vacant Land in Arkansas

Vacant Land in Arkansas

The 29th largest state by area and the 33rd most populous, Arkansas, has been coming up as a sound investment decision for those looking for beautiful vacant land in Arkansas and excellent living conditions at extremely affordable rates. If you are not one of those who share this above notion, here are five reasons sure to change your mind.

Low property values

Property values are lower than most other states in America and can be as less as $25000 only for a full acre of land, making it the 18th cheapest in all of the USA. Whether you are in the market for a great piece of land or new construction, Arkansas gets a steal of a deal with both of them together.

Low property tax rates

Property tax values are unimaginably low and are as low as 0.61 % of the effective property value, making it the 12th cheapest in all of the USA. What’s more, for undeveloped land, property taxes are even cheaper, with an annual payment of only around $25. Thus, Arkansas has you covered in both the biggest reasons why people shy away from investing in real estate.

Easy legal procedure

Land acquisition rules and regulations in Arkansas are not impossible to appease, and instead, financing is quite an easy process. So easy that although hiring a local real estate agent is preferable, it is nothing impossible for Arkansas owners to finance homes. There are several benefits to doing your financing. Namely, low fixed interest rates and a smoother mortgage approval process with zero need for credit checks. Acquiring vacant land in Arkansas becomes as easy as providing the down payment each month and receiving a beautiful piece of property at the end of it.

Perfect for every purpose

Many believe that buying land in Arkansas is a complete waste of time and money as there is not much possibility of an appreciation in value. However, if you can properly utilize your land for commercial purposes, then a listing in Arkansas can seem like a godsend. Whether you wish to make it into a retirement home, a vacation suite or would like to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life to live on simpler terms, Arkansas allows all that and more.

A treat to the eyes

The main reason for people to choose to live and buy property in Arkansas is that the state is one of the most aesthetically pleasing. Arkansas has several natural features sharing the eastern border with the Mississippi River. It is also the land of the Ozark Plateau, the Ouachita Mountains, and the Boston Mountains, which is why it has rightfully earned the name of the “Natural state”. Moreover, the pristine condition of the natural surroundings is maintained by the lower population of Arkansas; and is instead made up for by a variety of wildlife.
You might be thinking that there is sure to be something fishy for land rates to be so low, considering that there are obvious benefits to acquiring land and building in Arkansas. The simple reason is that most people still view Arkansas as farmland and do not consider it preferable for families to shift into, especially if you are coming from a city. However, this is a total misconception, and Arkansas is quickly growing into a commercial state, with several high-end properties and vacant land for the same. Considering the present-day situation where many people purchase land as an investment, Arkansas is the perfect place to do the same.
However, the reader beware. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are the only one considering buying acreage in Arkansas. Vacant land for new construction Arkansas is quickly selling out and being converted into vacation homes and entertainment zones. The process might seem difficult if you are new to buying land, irrespective of how simple the Arkansas government makes it. For such purposes, it’s best to go with an expert, especially when they can do it at an even lower rate than available on the market.

Find the best listings in Arkansas with Auction Flippers

Auction Flippers is a real estate auctioning and reselling company that has been in business since 2009. Auction Flippers has several properties all over the USA and predicted the current customer demand for property in Arkansas quite some time back. They have been able to buy up the best spots in the state and worked their charm to provide the best suited real estate pieces for individual needs. Auction Flippers is quick to give away their secret to making Arkansas cheap homes even more affordable by paying attention to tax sales, which allows the resale of Arkansas cheap land for sale, a dream come true for every land investor.
So, what are you waiting for! Get the best properties for new construction, Arkansas, to choose from and get buying.

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